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Integrating the magic of yoga with mind and body therapy to provide balance in a world of constant change.


Lake Tahoe


This 4-day destination wellness retreat has 10 spots.

Come experience ultimate relaxation & wellness in the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe.

The Ozarks

FALL 2024

This 4-day destination wellness retreat has 10 spots.

Come experience ultimate relaxation & wellness in the beautiful scenery of The Ozarks.



This massage therapy is a little different than most. I use the knowledge of anatomy and physiology plus some yogic methods to balance you the most effective way at the time of treatment. Whether it’s deep tissue, or relaxation, the technique will be focused on your treatment goals as well as giving you long lasting results. Some say it’s an experience that can’t be duplicated.


This is a treatment that uses cupping to stretch and manipulate facsia to provide more space for circulation to muscles. Separating muscles from one another for better range of motion. Great for ending a massage session or doing a 30 minute cupping session which equals 90 minutes of deep tissue work.


This restorative yoga practice is great for people working at a desk or in an environment that asks for a lot of repetitive motion. Stretching the body the to recover normal range of motion and to improve quality of live. This yoga practice focuses on breath work and clearing the mind for mental clarity, and stability. Helps improve imagination and focus.

Handheld Massage

Handheld massagers help ease muscle tension and stiffness as well as target tense muscles and specific parts of muscles with deep pressure. Handheld massage uses repeated bursts of pressure to perform a deep tissue massage and help reduce muscle tightness.


A head to toe stretch that increases the length of muscles and fascia providing an improved quality of life and circulation. This is a great session to focus on learning how breath can relax the body.

“Nathaniel has a gift for helping people heal their bodies through his massage techniques. He is very professional and intuitive. I came to him several years ago on the recommendation of a friend and was thrilled with how much better my body, especially my neck, felt after his massage. He is a genuinely caring man and I can say that he has given me the best massages I have ever had.”


“Switching massage therapists always makes you feel a little anxious and nervous but since my first appointment with Nathaniel I have always felt comfortable. His pressure level is spot on and I leave my appointment feeling very much relaxed and pain free. I appreciate that he takes the time to provide feedback on your body and recommends further treatment plans. He is an excellent licensed massage therapist 10/10 recommend!”